Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio. Love?

Affinity is the key concept when talking about love between Leo and Scorpio. Between 2 signs that are characterized by passion, when persons have a positive engagement the relationship can be formidable. Even though the strong personalities presence cannot be denied, this aspect can be channeled in a proper way, transforming this energy in power that can result in a positive way to coexist.

The warmness and power of Scorpio can be complementary with the generosity, and challenging attitude of Leo, provoking an explosion of creativity and mutual expression that release all the energy and passion of the powerful temperament of the persons that has born under the influence of these signs.

Love is a risky proposition between Leo and Scorpio, and the prize can be as meaningful as the punishments.

If there is real love and the couple have real motivation to have a positive relationship, they have a great chance to be a happy duo, but if just stay involved in the daily crushes that any couple can have, the life can became  a heavy burden that can make the relationship to fail.

In case that the positive energies dominate the relationship, probably the engagement will last for long time.

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Sex Between Leo and Scorpio

Making love can be used as a release of the energies that are produced for these couples, avoiding that they became negative influences in the coexistence of the daily life.

The possessiveness and jealousy that characterized the temperament of the people under Leo and Scorpio can be funneled like aphrodisiac that nurture the sexual life of them, purifying the bad vibrations that strong personalities sometimes can liberate.

The flamboyant temperament of Leo,is frequently really attractive for the solemnity of Scorpio, and against what the assumptions that many people make about these couples, the compatibility of this polar feature can be a sexual result that beyond to be explosive can be incredibly creative.

These big egos often understand the necessity of recognition that both display, and the support that give each other is something that is not so common to find in other couples. Working like stimulation for the positive channeling of these characteristic might also result in an understanding that enhances the probabilities of success of the couple.

Friendship: Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Friendship between these 2 signs can be a very creative and fruitful relationship. They have personalities that have things in common, like for example both love to be admired which is a very productive feature when doing collective activities. The easily understanding, between Leo and Scorpio  works in form that the synergy effect that they release is exponential, helping to achieve great results when working in common projects.

Friends need a great deal of comprehension, and Leo and Scorpio have the potential to enhance many aspects of their life on leaning each other.

As soon as Leo don’t lose control of the ego, and keep it at bay without affecting Scorpio, the splendor of their personalities will be mostly  a cause of mutual admiration.

As a rule of thumb, friends of the signs have a positive relationship and are a good combination if they understand the personalities and their characteristics that are present in both persons.

Leo Man Personality

Often prone to be noticed, even though they sometimes are overly self-confident Leo men are also warm hearted, outgoing and generous. Also optimistic, leadership is a natural attitude for them and making them to be the center of the attention is a trait that cannot resist.

On the flip side they are very susceptible and get hurt easily by small thinks it is not rare. These polarities make the personality attractive for many ladies, who like their external strength combined with his generous heart.

Attitudes that show aggression, have a strong response by the Leo men, and when challenged can respond fiercely, but when asked for help or confronted humbly, the answer can be very positive.

Attention by the people that they care of, is extremely important for them, and in case that they don’t receive it, the result can be internal suffering that is not always shown.

Dating a Leo Man

These guys are not going for the silver medal, and when looking for a woman they want the best. The good news is that when they find her they give also their best, and most of the tines, share with their couple a life that is full of action stimulus and excitement.

Their natural leadership and superiority aureole can seem arrogant, but the reality is that is their way that they pursued success in life, a life that they are happy to share with the people that they love.

He doesn’t settle for less in life. While he is ruling himself with an attitude of superiority, he can seem arrogant but he actually isn’t.

The magnetism of the Leo man make them desired for many candidates, so the task of conquer their heart is not an easy one, but can be achieved by stimulating their egos, and make them feel how admired are by their couple.

If you are going for one of the Leo guys, treat them cleverly, don’t confront them and try to have always a positive approach.

Leo Woman Character

If people invest just a little time and attention, persons that are under the influence of Leo are not difficult to understand. Predictability is a characteristic that is often seen in them, and normally they are not such a complicated people, who you have to break your head trying to decipher their personality.

As the Leo men, ladies have to be approached positively, and if not the reactions can be quite negative. Criticism always has to be hidden in a way that can be expressed in a positive manner trying to stimulate the positive action, more than remarking the negative one.

The Optimistic attitude of the Leo Ladies is always present, and combined with their self-confidence make them admired and often the center of the attention. Beyond that, sometimes their impulsiveness can be a sword of double edge, being self-control an important approach that is recommended to be observed by them to make a Leo and Scorpio couple successful.

Dating A Leo Woman

When dating a Leo lady it is helpful to do some research about how is to date a woman of the sign.

Every women like to feel special, but in this case be attentive and make them feel valuable is extraordinarily important to enhance the probability of success in the seducing stage.

The right attitude when interacting with them is to let them to be the soul of the situations and help them to be admired and observed. Leo ladies like to feel special and be complimented, so the correct strategy when you like one of them, is to show your awe and let them feel how special you think that they are.

Be attentive to watch which is her favorite music, or what kind of books she likes, and in an unintended manner let her know that you care about her to be happy.

Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio women are often misunderstood, and their straightforward feelings interpreted like exaggerated. They are persons that don’t hide their emotions and because this many times can get hurt detonating a resentful attitude that comes from deepest pain that they are not able to hide.

Their sexual approach when not influenced by previous relationships is natural and ardent.

Nevertheless, their passionate approach in their coexistence with their couples is also kind, which makes the result a nice equilibrium that has a stimulating influence in their affairs.

Proactive attitude is one of their main traits, but also tend to be satisfied with not much of sophistication, making the relation spontaneous and easy to manage.

Communication is a key factor when dealing with Scorpio ladies, and usually is not very explicit, meaning that the understanding needs to be without much wording, but across a deep knowledge of the feelings of them.

Dating a Scorpio woman

Scorpio ladies needs change, and when dating one of them it is necessary to understand that they don’t like routine and usually look for enjoyment and excitement. Even though, they also like to be cared and receive love, they tend to have many physical experiences which allow them to fulfill their desire for experimentation and learning.

When they find someone that treat them rightly, their commitment is complete, giving to all the many positive traits that they have a reason to be shared fully.

Extremes are the order of the day  when romance is concerned for them, or have and explosive relationship or don’t have it at all. Their experiences are not gone away, and they seem to keep their feelings inside of their heart without place for apathy.  Any person that wants to date a Scorpio lady should take  this into account, be careful and  understand that present situations are going to have consequences in the future considerations about the romance.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are of strong feelings, and their emotions bring results that are there to stay. Really attached to their real affects, they expect reciprocity, and getting less that those expectations it is not a possibility.

When their feelings appear, usually are not easy to change, and their solid foundations make that their relationships are normally stable. Extreme feelings are a Scorpio trait personality, and love use to become hatred with no space for forgiveness or mercy.

In their emotional life these men can be very emphatic and generous; meaning that have them on our side, become a support of great significance when we, their love ones, need it.

Their sensitivity is not always appreciated, because sometimes they tend to hide their positive side giving an image that normally is not the real nature of them.

Loyalty is another trait of their personality, and even they can seem possessive and obsessive, they display attitudes that are prominently appreciated.

Dating a Scorpio Man

Scorpio man treats their ladies in an outstanding manner, protecting her from pain and discomfort.  In the flip side, when they feel that someone hurt him, no matter without intention, he won’t forget and he will keep his angry for himself, until  acting consequently in the future.

A Scorpio man is a mysterious character by default, and if he has been hurt in the past, is going to be even more secretive. Normally is not a good idea to put pressure over him and full them with question. The right approach is to respect his introversion, and wait for him to open his heart naturally.

When a lady likes a Scorpio man, patient is the key. These guys don’t like to be force to anything, and if is seen taking a step back, is better to wait and take a more conservative approach.

Another thing that is important to know, is that they are quite possessive and if they feel jealous they can have strong negative reactions.


There is no doubt that Leo and Scorpio are 2 strong characters, but if they mange their relationship in a respectful and openly manner the apparent disadvantages that they show when they interact, can be easily transformed in factors that can add to their coexistence. The synergy that can be get from these strong temperaments is huge and the results from their actions have the possibility to be awesome.

The flamboyance from Leo can be combined with the introversion of Scorpio and became positive energy for their relations.

If cleaver approach is applied these signs can be perfectly compatible.