Leo Woman and Scorpio Man

Leo Woman and Scorpio Man



Leo woman and Scorpio man both are passionate lovers but they both find each other over possessive in nature. They both may have same requirements which can become problem for them. Scorpio man likes the firm nature and charming personality of Leo woman while Leo woman likes the devotion shows by Scorpio man.

Leo woman:

Leo woman is friendly and talkative person. She likes to be center of attraction in social gatherings. She likes lavish lifestyle and enjoys spending money on her hobbies. She is hard working and dedicated person. She has good leading abilities and likes to have control on her surroundings. She has beautiful looks and charm which draws attention from many males. Her confidence is boosted after listening to admiration of people. She doesn’t like anyone else controlling her and can become furious on them. She is very romantic person and loyal too. She can show signs of jealousy if her lover even talks to other woman. She will be very supportive to her lover given that he gives her enough respect in return.

Scorpio man: Scorpio man is mysterious person with magnetic personality and calm nature. He may look steady from outside but there are many thoughts in his mind. He may also have some secrets or insecurities hidden from his friends or family. He likes to have his personal space where he keeps himself away from outer world but he is also social person. He is also talkative person but he just doesn’t like interfering in other’s life. He is tolerant and hard working person which helps him to achieve success. He wants to be in love relationship but fails to express his feelings. He will make loyal partner once in a relationship.

Leo Woman and Scorpio Man

Scorpio man finds many similar traits in Leo woman which draws his attention to her. They both want to be in committed relationship and their union can last longer than other couples. But as time goes on they find each other rigid and difficult to cop up. There can be frequent arguments and sadness in this relationship. Similarly, there are some occasions when they also appreciate each other’s qualities. They both are passionate lovers. Scorpio shows loyalty to Leo woman while she brings positive attitude to his life. Scorpio woman may have some insecurity in love and due to inexpressive nature of Scorpio man she may face difficulties in trusting him.

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Leo woman and Scorpio man both are very expressive in love. They share intimacy that is always envied by others. They are not afraid of their reputation while being with their lover. She is fascinated by the amount of devotion shows by him and the way he protects her from any trouble. He may have intense desires to get physical with her. He wants to solve every mystery of their life. His intelligence and maturity also enhances with this relationship. Leo woman may show jealousy or suspiciousness to him but he knows how to deal with it avoiding any misunderstandings.

Leo Woman and Scorpio Man

Leo woman and Scorpio man relationship becomes healthier and happier with every passing day. They both can learn few things from each other. Leo woman can learn to be more steady and loyal while Scorpio man can learn to be more expressive in love. They can have never ending relationship with each other.

Leo woman and Scorpio man relationship often suffers from suspiciousness, inflexibility and jealousy. They both tend to have same qualities which also become subject of argument later. Money can also be subject of their dispute as she spends it carelessly while Scorpio man can also have habit of spending it. They both should take care of their own financial problems so that it will not bother their partner. They are two different individuals and will need third party like relatives or friends to keep them together.

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